Wallpaper installation in Horsley Park


Q: To Whom i should call for wallpaper installation?
A: Call us at our customer care number for

Wallpaper installation in Horsley Park

and rest of Australia.

Q: When to Paint?
A: The temperature of your house affected the performance of paint. You should generally avoid painting in extremely cold or hot condition.

Q: What paint I can use for painting my house exterior?
A: Use always premium exterior paint with UV protection.

Q: What paint I can use to paint interior of my house?
A: Use always premium washable ceiling paint flat acrylic, (Ceilings), low sheen, (walls) Woodwork (variety of finishes product use)

Q: Do I have to masking?
A: Always use masking tape around edges of doors, scirtings and windows, Use a quality tape and remove it before gets to dry.

Q: Do you really need to clime up to leaders reach to paint exterior of the house?
A: Small mistake can ending with injury, call us professionals


Q: Knobs and things?
A: Always remove as much hardware as you can before you painting.

Q: Set Up:
A: Furniture are placed in the center of the room and covered with new plastic sheets. Floors are covered with cloths droop sheets

Q: Preparing to paint.
A: Select the right colour and right paint
Select right tools

Q: Preparation:
A: The secret of a great finish is proper preparation of surfaces using right tools and material

Q: Painting:
A: Work and enjoy painting.

After completion of painting work make shore that all painted areas is completed properly All knobs and things return to original place

Floor and carpet are vacuumed and swept before all furniture move to original place

IF you are not fully committed and prepare for an exacting painting work and hard work do not waste your time and money for peace of your mind please call us we will make things change

Pretty woman with painting roller